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Excision is bringing his Executioner Tour to a church.

Yes you read that correctly: on April 9th Excision’s wild tour is coming to The Bluestone, a gothic church converted into a music venue in Columbus, Ohio. The main room is in the sanctuary and features a loft in the back, which definitely sets the stage for a heavy dubstep show of epic proportions. The 115 year-old church features sprawling cathedral ceilings, and nothing could be a more intense backdrop for some heavy 140 bpm dubstep. Excision is a legend within the genre, consistently producing bass-filled tunes for almost a decade and frequently collaborating with the likes of Datsik and Downlink. I first saw him open for Deadmau5 at Roseland Ballroom back in 2011 and was blown away in every sense. Catching Excision as an opener was a rare event in itself, but his set was absolute madness from start to finish and the crowd was left exhausted for the main event of the evening. The man is definitely working hard to develop his signature sound while pushing the genre, and his name consistently appears on festival bills across the world. Fans know what to expect from Excison: a diverse, wild set that keeps the feet moving and the fists raised in the air. In 2012 a new supergroup known as Destroid emerged (featuring Excison, Downlink, and KJ Sawka (former Pendulum drummer) playing and producing together) and the reception was amazing. You can expect Excision to mix in a few of these hard-hitting collaborations as they are unanimous crowd favorites! This is the perfect scene for a wild night, yet there is another reason why this is a must-see show. Dirtyphonics and Ill.Gates are the supporting acts on the bill, and the stars are aligned for a wild night of bass and dancing. Dirtyphonics and Excision were the topic of conversation after the 16th annual Shambhala Music Festival this past summer, as the two delivered some of the heaviest, most technical sets that weekend. It is definitely going to be a hot, sweaty mess and the show will sell out soon. Luckily you can win two VIP tickets by promoting the show here (,along with a 25% discount to! Get out there and enjoy the music!

–Andrew Cordivari

Source: SoundCloud / Excision

Take a Break From The Cold With Slightly Stoopid @Aragon_Ballroom 3/14


Reggae has really expanded as a genre in recent years, and there are massive influxes of new bands that are bringing the island sound to everyone’s ears. Slightly Stoopid is one of the few veteran groups who still dominate the genre, and fans of all ages know exactly what all the hype is about. The band caught the attention of the late Bradley Nowell (Sublime) in 1995 and that was just one of many promising signs in their early career.  After a few well-received studio releases the band’s popularity really started to take off and they were blessed with heavy air play on several major radio stations. Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald founded the group after growing up as childhood friends, and these skilled mulit-instrumentalists still anchor the band with their impressive experience. The most recent studio album “Top of the World” was released in 2012 to a strong reception and the band is currently touring with an impressive supporting cast: Mariachi El Bronx with the hip-hop powerhouses who are The Grouch and Eligh. Slightly Stoopid features guitar work that’s nicely balanced between smooth melodies and technical riffs, showcased in the popular hit “Closer to the Sun”. The warm bass and fun lyrics complete a recipe for greatness and it definitely cements Slightly Stoopid as one band you need to see! The group has sold out several shows in Chicago before and their upcoming show at the Aragon Ballroom will definitely sell out soon, but don’t worry- we have the hook up! Chi-town has been pounded by the cold this winter-and everyone is hoping to catch some summer vibes. Enter our jampaign  (click here: to promote the show to your friends: the top promoter wins 2 VIP tickets to the show! 

-Andrew Cordivari

Iration Brings Their Hawaiin Vibes on Tour

Image Courtesy of Oklahoma Gazette 

Sublime and Bob Marley are well-known to most music fans, but reggae is continuing to break into the mainstream through a variety of new artists. Pepper, Slightly Stoopid, Rebelution, and even Jack Johnson have brought laid-back, tropical melodies to younger listeners and now Iration is leading the reggae revolution. Although all five members currently reside in Santa Barbara, they were each born and bred in Hawaii and still rep their roots at concerts across the nation. The style and lyrics are all inspired by island life, good friends, and summertime, while the traditional reggae themes are supported by their impressive musicianship. The guitarists have a great tone and Micah Pueschel (lead singer) conveys the same emotion and clarity in concert as on their albums-this in itself is rare, and not to be overlooked. Last winter Iration played an intimate show at Irving Plaza in New York City, and the audience was very receptive to a no-frills band playing a high-quality concert. Adam Taylor (Bass) interacted with fans throughout the show, and the authenticity was felt by everyone in attendance. No auto tune here, just some humble dudes playing the music they love! Iration has released a series of EPs and their third full studio album (“Automatic”) was released in July  with some great reception from new and old fans. We have a contest for their respective tour dates, so check these guys out in a city near you! Promote the show with your friends to win free tickets and more!

Deadmau5 at Nassau Coliseum- Why You Need To Be There

image courtesy of @whiteraverrafting 

Nassau Coliseum is the place to be this New Year’s Eve. Fans throughout the Tri-State area are flocking to Uniondale, Long Island for one of the most well known performers in EDM. Deadmau5 (Canadian-native Joel Zimmerman) is making a rare stop on the East Coast to ring in the New Year, and his popularity continues to grow despite a constantly shrinking tour schedule. The last time the mau5 visited New York was in 2011, where he performed for a full-capacity audience six nights in a row. You read that correctly- five of the six 2011 tour dates at Roseland Ballroom completely sold out with the sixth night nearly full, and New York was left to wait patiently for his return. I attended the Wednesday and Friday shows which were both notoriously difficult to get into, and in addition to two amazing sets that featured all of his hits, the supporting lineup was phenomenal. Deadmau5 brought along some of his label’s best talent (see: Mau5trap Records) and for a modest ticket price fans were able to witness a show for the ages- Excision and Feed Me opened both nights, and both artists normally sell out their own headlining tours in a matter of days. Needless to say, it was quite the experience.

Deadmau5 is arriving in full force with a slew of new productions that he tested at Veld while performing for his hometown audience in Toronto.

Although his productions span back over a decade, the newest tracks still feature a sound that is undeniably Deadmau5, and the fan’s wishes have been fulfilled. After a long period of ambient sound experimentation Mr. Zimmerman released a handful of tracks on Soundcloud that quickly brought him back into the spotlight. Tickets for New Years Eve are notoriously difficult to find, not only because of the talent but because Nasseau Coliseum has an extremely limited capacity for general admission on the floor, which is where everyone wants to be! Luckily we have an awesome jampaign that will hook up some lucky fans with floor seats! Check out the page, get promoting, invite your friends, and maybe we will see you there!

-Andrew Cordivari 

Hip hop is evolving. The new class of up and coming MC’s has taken the infectious elements of southern bass driven beats and combined them with a new found focus on lyricism. NYC is the birthplace of hip hop (see Boogie Down Bronx) and for too long it has been a barren landscape of empty promises (Papoose?) and commercial filler (Magna Carta vs Reasonable Doubt). The A$AP crew busted onto the scene in 2011 first with A$AP Rocky’s underground hitPeso” and changed all of that. The A$AP crew, hailing from Harlem World, had taken the city by storm and was making its way across the nation. Peso was followed by Rocky’s massive single “Fu**in Problem”, which featured a slew of other talented new voices (K Dot represent). A$AP Ferg is the second member of the A$AP crew to step out of the group and into the spotlight. His single “Shabba”, released in July, has over 10 million hits on Youtube and is creating buzz all over the blogosphere.

A$AP Ferg has got swaggggg. Although Rocky’s cameo in the single might be what catches the eye of most, Ferg most definitely holds his own lyrically. Ferg is the second member of the A$AP crew to start gaining traction fast which makes you wonder how far off his breakthrough single is. AT THE MOMENT, FERG IS TOURING AND JAMPLIFY IS PROMOTING! Check out A$AP Ferg’s new jampaign, sell some tickets, and win some free ones!

a$ap ferg


The blogosphere is a powerful force. If you don’t believe me just ask Rob Resnick and Cal Shapiro, aka Timeflies. Timeflies started out as a much blogged about remix 2 part phenom (see HERE) with “smooth suburban college rapping party boy flow” written all over them. Their remix vids, with their home studio in the background, caught the like wildfire on the campus blog scene. 


With a sound similar to the likes of Mike Posner or Asher Roth, Timeflies was a natural favorite at college parties from coast to coast. The duo began producing music together while studying together at Tufts University. Their catchy pop laced hip hop was already on the launching pad for national success. Their recent video for “I Choose U” has production quality lighting, set design, and over 3 million hits on Youtube! These two are rising stars so check them out and help promote on Jamplify now! And not to worry, they’re still doing their awesome remixes.

sammy adams

When you hear someone mention ‘Prime Social Group’ and ‘EDM show’ in the same sentence one word comes to mind, QUALITY. Prime Social Group has been moving dance floors and delivering quality electronic shows across the nation for years. Currently PSG is promoting 3 kick ass shows that they’re having in Madison WI, through Jamplify. PSG always brings the heat in terms of headliners and these shows are no different. They’ve got Rusko, Griz, and Gramatik all lined up and ready to drop some fire! Don’t miss out on your chance to win some amazing rewards, including free tickets to any of the shows! Click the link, create your account, and start promoting!

prime social group

You know those EDM melodies you just can’t get out of your head? The kind you find yourself humming to in crowded elevators, or incessantly tapping your feet to under your desk at work? Enter Bingo Players. The DJ duo, hailing from The Netherlands, has made it a point to consistently produce some of the most infectious beats on the EDM scene, year after year. Having mastered the EDM formula, equal parts strong build up and epic drop, Bingo Players have been controlling dance floors all over the world since their first breakthrough hit “Cry (Just A Little)” exploded onto the EDM scene in 2011. By providing a constant flow of new music, and playing countless shows and festivals (Ultra Fest, EDC, and E ZOO, just to name a few) the duo has kept their sound fresh and their presence felt. 

Any EDM fan will agree, there is NO BETTER WAY TO LISTEN TO EDM THAN AT A LIVE SHOW. There is something to be said for truly “feeling” the music. Let me elaborate. Listening to a DJ spin live, with bass pounding through the soles of your shoes, and visibly controlling the crowd around you, can in no way be compared to the feeling your iPod buds give you as they vibrate in your ear and piss off the person sitting next to you on the subway. There is no comparison. Luckily for all you EDM fans reading this and getting the urge to google lineups for your next festival adventure, we’ve got free VIP tickets to give you! The Bingo Players are running a campaign with us right now to support their new tour and are offering up TWO FREE VIP TICKETS AND A MEET AND GREET WITH THE BAND AT EVERY STOP!

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bingo players

Indie music is a tough genre to define. With so many different sounds and influences, the label “indie rock” is broad at best. The indie sound can change from album to album, or even song to song, which is why the term suits Dr. Dog so well. The Pennsylvania based quintet has the feel good melodies reminiscent of classic doo wop rockers, such as the Beach Boys or The Zombies, while still containing a fresh and uniquely organic sound. The clean melodies found in songs such as “The Truth” or “The Breeze” mimic in style, those found in many classic 60’s jams. Just as the indie genre implies however, this is only one of Dr. Dog’s influences.

While the 60’s doo wop sound is the spine of Dr. Dog’s work, they are also heavily influenced by 90’s college radio rockers. This lo fi sounding, self reflective group of bands made a significant impact on the members of Dr. Dog. The lyricism and subject matter of Dr. Dog’s songs echoes the work of popular 90’s underground bands like Neutral Milk Hotel and Pavement. The strong live performances of these older groups can be seen in Dr. Dog’s dedication to delivering quality live acts at every show. Dr. Dog combines a love for classic feel good harmony with meaningful songwriting, making them one of the most unique “indie” bands around. Check out Dr. Dog’s refreshing style in the video below and be sure to help promote their new tour on Jamplify. The top promoter at every stop WINS TWO FREE TICKETS!


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dr. dog


EDM (Electronic Dance Music) has become a global phenomenon over the past five years. It has evolved from a niche driven underground genre into one of the fastest growing movements in music, and there is no better illustration of the EDM frenzy than TomorrowWorld. With the enormous success of the EDM genre, festivals geared towards the new craze began springing up left and right. With so many festivals bringing in strong acts and delivering quality shows annually, it’s tough for any one festival to truly stand out. The exception is TomorrowWorld. TomorrowWorld, the American extension of Belgium’s TomorrowLand, is truly the pinnacle of the EDM festival scene.

One of the most intriguing facets of EDM is it’s international mass appeal. Electronic music has no language barrier, and connects to enormous audiences despite their native tongue. EDM is universal and TomorrowWorld is the tangible example of this. Hundreds of countries are represented by droves of energetic bass heads, looking for nothing more than to connect to the beats, crowds, and colors around them. The international influence at TomorrowWorld, in both artists and audience, is unmatched by any other EDM festival. However, despite the many different nations being proudly representing on the festival grounds, there is an overwhelming sense of togetherness. TomorrowWorld captures the true EDM spirit, one of camaraderie and celebration, and is the apex of electronic music festivals.

Jamplify is giving away a FULL MADNESS PASS ($347 value) and a GA PASS FOR FRIDAY, SATURDAY, AND SUNDAY!!! Don’t miss out on a chance to be part of the EDM madness that is TomorrowWorld!