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a ap ferg in austin

Hip hop is evolving. The new class of up and coming MC’s has taken the infectious elements of southern bass driven beats and combined them with a new found focus on lyricism. NYC is the birthplace of hip hop (see Boogie Down Bronx) and for too long it has been a barren landscape of empty promises (Papoose?) and commercial filler (Magna Carta vs Reasonable Doubt). The A$AP crew busted onto the scene in 2011 first with A$AP Rocky’s underground hitPeso” and changed all of that. The A$AP crew, hailing from Harlem World, had taken the city by storm and was making its way across the nation. Peso was followed by Rocky’s massive single “Fu**in Problem”, which featured a slew of other talented new voices (K Dot represent). A$AP Ferg is the second member of the A$AP crew to step out of the group and into the spotlight. His single “Shabba”, released in July, has over 10 million hits on Youtube and is creating buzz all over the blogosphere.

A$AP Ferg has got swaggggg. Although Rocky’s cameo in the single might be what catches the eye of most, Ferg most definitely holds his own lyrically. Ferg is the second member of the A$AP crew to start gaining traction fast which makes you wonder how far off his breakthrough single is. AT THE MOMENT, FERG IS TOURING AND JAMPLIFY IS PROMOTING! Check out A$AP Ferg’s new jampaign, sell some tickets, and win some free ones!

a$ap ferg