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a ticket counts process that works jamplify

A Ticket Counts Process That Works: Jamplify Ticket Counts Pro

If you’re a booking agent, collecting ticket counts is probably a source of endless frustration for you and your team. Your team is collectively spending several hours per week emailing box offices to find out how many tickets your shows have sold. This example of how one agency does ticket counts might sound familiar to you:

  • Assistant emails box offices for the counts
  • Box offices email back the ticket counts for each show
  • Assistant responds to some box offices to clarify their numbers
  • Box offices respond with clarification
  • Assistant copies all of the numbers from various emails to various spreadsheets
  • Assistant emails agent and relevant managers most recent spreadsheets

That’s six steps from when the assistant asks for the ticket counts to when the agent and relevant managers know how their shows are doing. Multiply that across the dozens of shows an agent might care about on any given day, and that adds up to several hours every day spent just trying to retrieve ticket counts.

While ticket counts are crucial to your business, you’d probably prefer to have your assistants spending time on activities that actually make you money or sell more tickets like fielding booking requests or helping out with promoter marketing plans. That’s why we built our Ticket Counts Pro platform, which allows you to stop spending so much time retrieving your ticket counts, so you can focus on the activities that make you more money. Here’s how it works:

  • Automated outreach to the box office: Schedule automatic emails to go out to the box offices on specific days of the week. No need for your assistant to send an email to box offices on the days they want ticket counts.
  • Direct input into your database: The box office inputs the ticket count into a form, which is connected directly to your database. No need for your assistant to transcribe ticket counts from the box office’s emails to a separate spreadsheet.
  • Multi-user accessibility: Your database is accessible by agent, manager, assistant and other relevant people at your discretion. No extra steps from when the box office submits the count to when the agent and manager can see the count.
  • Visualized show performance: Ticket counts are displayed graphically so you can get an immediate sense of trends in ticket counts. No more staring at numbers in a spreadsheet that are difficult to decipher.

Once you have all of your ticket counts data structured in your Ticket Counts Pro database, you’ll be able to use your data and our industry-wide insights to make better business decisions as an agent. Whether you’re deciding what size venue to book, or wondering if a promoter’s market is really “a walk-up town”, historical ticket counts data can better inform every business decision that you make as an agent. Beyond just collecting and storing your ticket counts, Jamplify transforms ticket counts from an agency-wide headache into a powerful asset that helps you make revenue-maximizing business decisions for your artists and your agency.

We’re offering pilots of Ticket Counts Pro at no cost for your first few tours. Please get in touch with Moses ( to set up your pilot.