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Anyone who was into the punk/screamo/hardcore scene within the last few decade knows Chiodos. Although the band has experimented with different styles and various members, their musicianship is tighter than ever on the newest album “Devil”, which was released at the end of February. Craig Owens, Chiodos’ founder & frontman is finally back in charge of the reigns after working on side projects for the past few years, and fans are thrilled to hear his unique voice back in the mix. After Owens rejoined the band Derrick Frost (the original drummer) followed him to round out the reunion. Frost does a great job dictating the direction of the group through complex rhythms so that the energy ebbs and flows seamlessly across different tracks. The new addition of Thomas Erak (former guitarist and lead singer of Fall of Troy) definitely rounds out the group with some amazing talent, and the instrumental virtuosity of the band is both refreshing and entertaining in a genre full of formulaic song composition.

Their 2005 album “All’s Well That Ends Well” was released under Equal Vision records (the same label Fall of Troy signed with) and received some great feedback regarding the diverse, sprawling song arrangements. The band covers it all: Craig Owens has a dominating stage presence with one of the best screams in the genre and an incredible range of clean vocals. Rapid time signature changes keep the listener engaged at all times and it doesn’t hurt to have a guitar virtuoso tastefully shredding over the drum patterns. Erak is truly a force to be reckoned with, as his technical picking and excellent tapping capabilities carry some songs that would otherwise sound simplistic in nature. “Devil” is the sound that original fans are looking for, although the pop influences are evident in tracks like “Duct Tape”. Change is inevitable and necessary in music, but fans don’t always like a “mature” sound when a genre is built upon technicality and intensity. 

Luckily Chiodos consistently does a great job balancing the highs and lows, and it’s clear the album was produced with the goals of the musicians in mind; mass appeal was not a concern with “Devil”. Tracks like “Ole Fishlips Is Dead Now” and “Expensive Conversations in Cheap Motels” feature dark, complex tapping riffs right from the start which set the stage for Owens’ lyrical imagery. The song arrangements always seem to fit the poetic, sometimes-strange, sometimes-ambiguous lyrics of Craig Owens, but regardless of the song title or lyrical content one thing is clear: Owens is a master of language, utilizing complex metaphors, analogies, and personification throughout every song. Don’t let the song names get to you: just hit play and give it a listen!

These guys are on a massive U.S. tour stopping at over 30 major cities across the country. One of the last tour stops includes the famed House of Blues on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, and the show is already getting a ton of attention. In addition to an unprecedented band lineup with tons of new music to debut, the group has strong support with Emarosa and Our Last Night opening up the show. This will be a wild, sweaty, heavy show that you do NOT want to miss! Luckily for you we have a sweet jampaign set up where you can win free tix and VIP upgrades by promoting the show here: . Spread the word to your friends and enjoy the music!

–Andrew Cordivari