The 70s proved to be a successful year for the music industry. This era saw game-changing albums released across several genres. Here are the best albums released in the 1970s.  The Stooges – Fun House Considered by many as the fathers of punk, the Stooges are one of the musical groups that dominated the 1970s […]

Record labels play an important role in the career of a musician. They provide services to musicians that they may not have access to, including a recording studio, songwriting assistance, mastering of an album, marketing, and so much more. While many artists would love to remain entirely independent, that isn’t always possible. Thankfully, there are

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Every June, on a 700-acre piece of farmland in Manchester, Tennessee, the Bonnaroo music festival occurs during an epic four-day stint. All genres of music, such as pop, rock, classical rock, and more, are played here. Get ready for this year’s Bonnaroo festival by checking out this packing list.  Wallet Make sure that you go

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