For music fans, there is a huge difference between live music and records. If you are the type that loves music deeply and cares about how different sounds from different instruments blend to create a beautiful tune that pleases the ear, then you will love live performances. Besides witnessing how the sounds are created with […]

The 20th century was an era of incredible change in music. Without exaggeration, these decades have introduced more innovations in global music than the previous 20 centuries, combined. We have non-musical circumstances to thank for these changes. The advent of electricity and the internet, combined with greater wealth, manufacturing, and technology practices, as well as

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Wedding ceremonies are incomplete without songs, and the songs played in the final moments of the wedding party playlist is the most important one. So, if you don’t know what songs will be ideal for the last moment of your wedding, here we have added some songs that will surely impress your guests.  Romantic Wedding

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