Check Out These Live Music Restaurants in New Orleans

For music fans, there is a huge difference between live music and records. If you are the type that loves music deeply and cares about how different sounds from different instruments blend to create a beautiful tune that pleases the ear, then you will love live performances. Besides witnessing how the sounds are created with many different instruments, the lyrics of live performers are purer. 

There are a few places to witness live music performances. This is not really the case in New Orleans. Do you know the places where you can fully experience live music in the city? We know just the perfect places for you – clubs. We already covered bars in New York City, so here are some of the best live music restaurants in New Orleans. 

B.B. King’s Blues Club 

This is one of the best places to go when you are ready to dance the night away. Located on Decatur Street, this is a popular restaurant, bar, and live music club in the French Quarter. From the food to the wines and the music, everything is great. 

Court of Two Sisters 

This is an excellent place that offers a wonderful French Quarter experience. You will experience a four-course dinner and an a la carte menu. You will also enjoy live jazz music. 

Crescent City Brewhouse 

This is the only microbrewery in the French Quarter, and you will have a great time here. It has a warm, relaxed atmosphere where you will enjoy sampling their portfolio. The live jazz music performances by local musicians are always spectacular. 

Steamboat Natchez 

This establishment offers the sort of experience people travel from different parts of the world to enjoy. Daily, they offer dinner jazz cruises and harbor jazz cruises with one of New Orleans’ best food buffet. There are few experiences you can compare to enjoying music and food as you cruise along the Mississippi. 

Riverboat City of New Orleans 

This is a sister vessel to the Steamboat Natchez and offers a similar experience. It is the newest floating palace on Old Man River and offers soul-stirring live music. Taking the cruise promises to be an exciting adventure.

There you have it! Above are some live music restaurants located in New Orleans that music fans can check out. There are several live music restaurants in New Orleans, but we have high regard for the ones here and recommend them.