Hear This Incredible Country Song About Dogs

Who does not love dogs? Well, if you are someone who wants to laugh or cry thinking about your dogs, you are in the right place. Here, in this article, we are going to tell you some incredible country songs about dogs. Have a look at the following songs and give them a listen.

Like My Dog by Billy Currington

Billy Currington, in this song, gives emphasis on the importance of dogs. Initially, it sounds that the narrator is comparing his wife to a dog. But, here, the narrator wants his wife to take care of him as his pet dog does. Well, if you are single and have a pet dog, you can still dedicate this song to your beloved pet.

My Dog and Me by John Hiatt

The song clearly shows the adventure of a dog with his master. Here, both the human and the dog love hunting, and they are called hunting buddies. Lyrics are written to portray the dog’s loyalty and especially, the last line of the song, “it’s just my dog and me” will surely take place in the core of your heart.

Move It on Over by Hank Williams

“Move It on Over” is one of the major hits of Williams. The song is all about dogs, and initially, you might think that the song is presenting “dogs” metaphorically. The narrator reaches home very late, and he finds himself in a problematic situation with his girlfriend. He is literally in a dog house and fighting with his girl. Well, here the girl means a canine, his beloved pet. You will hear rough tones in the initial part of the song. But, in reality, the song describes the story of two roommates, one human, and one canine.

Cracker Jack by Dolly Parton

If you are looking for a love song for your dog, this song will be perfect for you. The song has a lovely tone, and it is being sung by a woman for her childhood dog. The dog looks ugly; his legs are too long, and he is very awkward in nature. In spite of having this, the dog is perfect for the narrator. So, play it today and show your love for the dogs.

The More Boys I Meet by Carrie Underwood

Another country song for dogs is “The more boys I meet,” which comes up with attractive lyrics. The lyrics of this iconic song compare the boys with dogs and shows dogs are far better than boys. Actually, the protagonist is a girl who meets several bad boys, and the more she meets boys, the more she realizes how loyal, friendly, and open his dog is. In short, the song actually shows that you should choose dogs instead of boys.

Little Boys Grow Up, and Dogs Get Old by Luke Bryan

The title of the song clearly indicates that the song has a sentimental tone. The song shows a strong friendship between a boy and his black lab. But, in the end, the boy has to leave his home and therefore, he gives a hug to Bandit, his black lab who has become old. If you are really looking for a sad song, this song will be perfect for you.

We hope that this article would surely fulfill your taste. So, what are you waiting for? Play these songs today.