Music Studio Jobs List With Responsibilities

In music studios, there are many responsibilities and tasks that need to be completed to keep musicians and producers happy. Some of these jobs are geared towards specialists, while others are more labor-intensive. If you are looking for a career in music production, then this list of jobs and their responsibilities is for you!

Record Producer

The record producer may own the studio, or the record producer comes from a label, or they are hired by the band. The record producer ensures that the sound recording meets expectations, they instruct the band or musician about what part of the song they need to record, they make sure the lyrics are correct, the sound is clean, and they handle any issues that may come up. This role generally requires a lot of experience with a broad understanding of both the creative and technical aspects of music production.

Audio Technician

The audio technician is key to capturing every vocal and instrument. They work with the band and producer to set up audio devices, carrying our sound checks, and making audio mixes. They have an important responsibility in music studios. 

Sound Designer

The sound designer owns the responsibility of finding and creating live-recorded sound effects that will be used for a vast range of multimedia productions. They work with the director to ensure script reading goes together with sound reading. They may work with guitar techs, bass techs, keyboard techs, and other musicians to help them. 

Sound Mixer

Another job in the music studio is mixing sounds. This is often the responsibility of the sound mixer. The sound mixer manages the volume and quality of the sound produced. The job should not be confused with that of a sound editor. They ensure that before live music production, sound adjustments are made before they are fed to the public. 

Digital Audio Editor

The responsibility of a digital audio mixer is to make digital audio edits such as cutting, cleaning, splicing, mixing, and adding special sound effects to the audio recording. They hold a special post in music studios. They are expected to be dedicated to their work, accept feedback, and learn from criticism.


Other job lists with responsibilities in the music studio include music manager, radio broadcast engineer, songwriters, instrumentalists, and so forth. 

There you have it! Above are music studio jobs with their responsibilities. Making music involves a lot of work. From mixing to recording, producing, editing, and more, the tasks required to keep a music studio running is hard, hence the different jobs. With the list above, you can find the role that fits you to help make good music. What role will you want to take on?