What is the Feeling You Get When You Listen to Music?

Whether you are a music lover or are tone-deaf, music gives can elicit certain feelings. Research at U.C. Berkeley discovered that there are certain emotions associated with music. It stimulates the release of chemicals in your brain. What are these feelings? Let’s find out below. 


This feeling is gotten from music meant to get listeners into a relaxing mood. You hear this sort of music in yoga classes, spas, restaurants, and other places meant for relaxation. When it comes to relieving the body of stress, music is a great place to start. No wonder some psychologists and mental health experts advise individuals suffering from anxiety or depression to listen to music to help provide them relief. 


It is common to find people dancing to the music they are playing. Why is this so? It’s merely because they are happy. They are happy because of the joyful feeling that the music comes with. Say Yes by Michelle Williams, featuring Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, is an example of joyful music. When you listen to songs like these, you will have a reason to smile and become happy.


We all have come across music that reflects the sad emotions of the singer. A good example of this music category is Adele’s Hello. Music that comes with sad emotions typically has slow and deep piano sounds accompanied by sad lyrics.


Music in the category is similar to lullabies. The piano sounds are slow and dull, which explains why listeners feel dreamy upon listening to them. They are good for inducing sleep. If you are finding it difficult to sleep, this may be the type of music you need to help you sleep.


Music that has slow-paced with brass-heavy instrumentals and smooth lyrical content evokes erotic feelings. A good example of this music category is Portishead’s Glory Box. 


Energizing music is meant to lift the mood and spirit of listeners. They are typically played at gyms, weddings, and happy events. They are easy to dance to.

There you go! Music inevitably influences one’s mood through the release of certain brain chemicals. Now that you know more about the connection between music and emotions, you will be able to influence how you feel by listening to certain music samples. You can also influence your mind through visual, feel, and smell; or through the use of supplements that seek to support a healthy mood and behavior. A few examples of this includes Quicksilver Scientific, Boiron, and Irwin Naturals. Check them out and see how they work for yourself!