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for the longest time trance was only a genre for

For the longest time trance was only a genre for purists. While techno was associated with pounding bass grooves, trance was known for complex orchestral arrangements and operatic vocals. But the times have changed! The likes of Tritonal, Maor Levi, Above & Beyond, and Gareth Emery are infusing the energy into trance that new generations of listeners crave so badly, and the genre’s popularity has grown exponentially. From EDC to Electric Forest, trance has made it’s mark in the U.S. and it’s here to stay. The man, the myth, and the legend who is Armin van Buuren returns to Madison Square Garden April 11th, and last year set a precedent when his world-famous A State of Trance production (concert+live podcast) sold out the venue. This was unimaginable just a few years ago, but the genre has delivered what the fans wanted. Tritonal exploded onto the scene within the last few years and their fan base is growing for a reason. By combining bass-heavy electro-trance with a fun and engaging live performance, this DJ/production duo has impressed fans of all ages and their hard work is unanimously admired throughout the genre. Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed hail from Austin, Texas and their chemistry on stage is undeniable. I caught them open for Dash Berlin in the summer of 2012 at Governor’s Island and was blown away by their set. Who was this new group that was jumping all over the stage? I thought the opener at a trance event was supposed to be low-key! Countless other fans have the same experience with Tritonal and they are appearing at more and more venues across the nation. Their first major LP “Piercing the Quiet” was released in 2011 and established the group as a force to be reckoned with. The complex productions prove how hard these guys work in the studio to rise above the competition, as they strike the perfect balance of making a gritty, energetic track while maintaining the beautiful melodies that trance fans crave. Luckily for you Tritonal is bringing the Colors Tour to over 20 major cities, and we have quite the hook up! There are two VIP tickets, a Meet n Greet, and a merch package up for grabs at every tour date for the top promoter of each show! Go here ( select your show, invite your friends, and get promoting!

–Andrew Cordivari

Source: SoundCloud / Tritonal