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henry steinway has some unusually well known

Henry Steinway has some unusually well-known aliases: the man performs and produces as both RL Grime and Clockwork, and the common denominator is bass-heavy music. The former name propelled trap music into the spotlight after an array of well-received originals and remixes (you’ve probably heard the booming remake of Benny Benassi’s classic “Satisfaction”), while Clockwork consistently produces some of the most innovative electro-house within the industry. 

Steinway is definitely not lacking creativity, and his amazing ability to span genres has captivated audiences around the world. Genre purists are prevalent today, as there are a myriad of sub-genres arising out of house, dubstep, and drum n bass and labeling new music is harder than ever. Is it trap, drum step, dubstep, bro step, or chill step? The answer is irrelevant for most artists, and by splitting productions between two names Steinway has evaded labeling and categorization while making the music he loves. If you’re lucky you can catch Steinway playing two sets under BOTH of his names at some major festivals this year! 

Clockwork has an awesome wave of shows coming to California to close out the month of May, and we have a SWEET deal worked out for our fans. The top promoter of each show wins 2 free tickets to the show, an opportunity to get on stage with the man himself, and a signed tour poster! Check it out here ( ) and invite your friends! 

–Andrew Cordivari

Source: SoundCloud / Clockwork