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house music is quickly coming into the forefront

House music is quickly coming into the forefront of the American music scene. While the likes of Skrillex and Deadmau5 brought innovative styles of electronic music into the mainstream, house music has been around for decades and it’s producers are only beginning to receive the recognition that they deserve. Carl Cox, Danny Tenaglia, and Victor Calderone have stuck to their roots while their popularity continues to grow, and the older crowds are seeking a sanctuary from the neon-covered youth.

Disclosure was (and is) the essential group that proved house music can be fun, entertaining, innovative and accessible to the masses. Two teenage brothers from the UK changed the music scene in one fell swoop, and their debut album “Settle” has remained on the PirateBay Top 100 International Music Downloads since it’s release…January 4th, 2013. The drone of a repetitive drum and bass groove is no longer the standard: tempo changes, genre blending, soulful vocalists, and emphasis on bass are all characteristics of the new house music scene.  

Manhattan still caters to the clubbing crowd, but Brooklyn has adapted their nightlife for the music purists. Output (Rolling Stones’ Top 10 American Clubs) became known and loved for their no phone, no recording policy, along with the absence of bottle service. The creation of Verboten and SRB (both nearby Output) has invigorated the scene with unprecedented energy, and both clubs are seeing the fruits of their labor. 

Hannah Wants is a UK producer/ DJ who’s popularity is exploding due to some skillful yet catchy remixes and non-stop touring. Gotta Dance Dirty promoted several of her mix tapes and after recently hitting 100,000 listeners on SoundCloud she debuted her new remix of Disclosure’s hit collab “Confess to Me”. Her style is unique, captivating, and nearly all of her songs sound like the bass EQ is maxed out! Check her out on Soundcloud-you can directly download some great stuff for free. Crank up the volume and lace up your dancing shoes!

–Andrew Cordivari

Source: SoundCloud / Hannah Wants