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is electric forest the best north american music

Is Electric Forest The Best North American Music Festival?

There is no quantifiable method to prove which festival is the “best, but there are a handful of reasons why many fans consider Electric Forest the most comprehensive festival experience in the U.S.

-The Setup

Electric Forest takes place each summer in the cool, green woods of Rothbury, Michigan. Bonnaroo, Coachella, and EDC Las Vegas take place in climates that frequently peak past 95 degrees by early afternoon, and this is not to be understated for the campers in attendance. When I attended Bonnaroo in 2012, no one in my group could sleep past 10 am regardless of the time we returned to the tent the previous night due to the sweltering heat.

However, there is much more to the forest than just cool weather. The trees are perfectly manicured in a massive grid formation and the forest is interspersed with intricate abstract art installations. At night the forest truly comes alive, as the lights and lasers from the four surrounding stages project deep into the forest and dance around the tree silhouettes for a truly surreal experience. The forest is equipped with luxurious bars, dozens of futuristic hammocks for fans looking for some rest, and smaller stages that offer the opportunity for intimate performances.

The event staff is incredibly energetic, friendly, and helpful even with a wide range of ages within the volunteer pool. You never need to worry about getting lost between stages or losing your orientation while exploring the forest. There is even a team of “Electric Forest” police (volunteers) that comb through the forest after 4 am to check on everyone, clear them out to their tents until it reopens in the morning, and warn fans that the real police will come through around 5 am…follow the policies and you’ll have no problems!

The Lineup

This year features a truly astounding spread of talent from different genres, including some of the most sought-after live performers within all of EDM. The Glitch Mob, STS9 (two shows), Excision, Flying Lotus, Zedd, Moby, MK, and many, many more. EF also features 3 shows by the String Cheese Incident and 2 shows by Umphrey’s McGee for the faithful jam band community. The diversity of talent speaks for itself…check it out here

Electric Forest is officially SOLD OUT this year for general admission camping. I can’t fathom what this means based on the scope of the festival last summer, but there is no doubt that everyone is looking forward to the time of their life.

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Don’t sleep on this festival. You are guaranteed to see some amazing talent, meet some great people, and experience an atmosphere unlike anything else.

–Andrew Cordivari