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jamplify case study paquin artists agency

Jamplify Case Study: Paquin Artists Agency


At Jamplify, we have the fortune of working with some of the most forward-thinking booking agencies in the business. This past summer we began working with Toronto-based Paquin Artists Agency and their amazing roster musicians, family shows, magicians, and ballets. The below case study outlines how Jamplify has changed the way their agency accesses ticket sales data for their shows and leverages that data to drive decision making for their agency. 

“Jamplify is among the most user friendly pieces of online software I have encountered. The ease of adding and updating data has been enjoyed equally by our staff and clients.”

– Meaghan Sproule, Paquin Artists Agency


Paquin Artists Agency began using Jamplify to eliminate countless man hours that were being spent collecting, managing, and analyzing ticket counts data.  Before using Jamplify, Paquin was spending upwards of 45 hours per week reaching out for ticket counts, following up with promoters, processing automated reports, and organizing ticket counts in spreadsheets to share with managers.


Paquin supplied Jamplify with over 500 tour dates to collect ticket counts for over the following 6 months.  The Jamplify team seamlessly consolidated hundreds of tour dates from several  spreadsheets into Paquin’s Jamplify dashboard.  

After the tour dates were added, the Jamplify system began ticket counts request automation, eliminating the need for Paquin to reach out and follow up with hundreds of promoters across 500 tour dates. 


To date, Jamplify has collected over 5,000 ticket counts for Paquin Artists Agency, allowing the Paquin team to focus on more important revenue driving initiatives.  By eliminating the ticket counts process through Jamplify, Paquin Artists Agency saves over $25,000 per year in labor.


“Not having to go through the laborious task of constantly contacting promoters and venues for counts has added countless hours back into staff’s weeks allowing focus to be on more important matters.”  

– Meaghan Sproule, Paquin Artists Agency

As ticket counts continue to pour in for Paquin, the agency has amassed a large data set that can be used to sell out more shows.  

“The greatest part of the platform is the sheer volume of data that is now at our fingertips allowing us to perform our jobs and serve our clients better.” 

-Meaghan Sproule, Paquin Artists Agency