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Introducing Show Forecasts

We are excited to announce the launch of Show Forecasts, the latest feature of Ticket Counts Pro that algorithmically predicts sales for upcoming shows. Show Forecasts enables agents to make better-informed decisions about where to allocate both current and future promotional efforts for their clients’ shows.

Our algorithm analyzes the sales histories of thousands of shows to predict where sales will ultimately end up for each show. The algorithm takes into consideration multiple data points, including but not limited to the venue’s capacity and both the artist’s and the venue’s previous sales history. Ticket Counts Pro makes this all possible by collecting and storing ticket counts in a best-in-class cloud database, freeing your sales data from the limitations of a spreadsheet. With Show Forecasts, agents can more effectively highlight successes to their clients and focus marketing attention on shows that are lagging.

We visualize these predictions on our Artist Dashboard via a three-tiered star system:

  • Full star: A show will likely come close to selling out.
  • Half star: A show will likely sell between 50% and 80% of the house.
  • No star: A show will likely sell less than half the house.

Below is a screenshot of what Show Forecasts look like on the Dashboard for a particular artist:

This three-tiered system can inform both the short-term and long-term booking and marketing decisions that agents make on a daily basis. For shows with a full star, agents can feel more confident about booking their client(s) at that particular venue in the future, while shows with half or no stars serve as a signal to agents to check in on their promotional campaigns in those corresponding markets.

Since launch, our Show Forecasts have predicted sales performance with nearly 90% accuracy. We have collected over 116,000 ticket counts to date and continue to expand our client base every week with new booking agencies. We look forward to seeing Show Forecasts become an integral component of Jamplify’s toolkit for evaluating ticket sales performance and making smarter booking decisions.

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Your Pre-Summer Festival Guide: May 2014

Festivals are popping up all over the U.S. and it’s hard to keep track of the endless events. With tons of talent, amazing lineups, and wide range of prices it can be hard to narrow down the selection to something manageable. For the next few weeks I’ll cover the best of what’s around across every genre, month by month. Many of these events are way cheaper than you’d expect!

Suburbia Music Festival (Plano, TX) 5/3 & 5/4

This is a brand new festival that takes advantage of the massive music scene in Texas, and it has a diverse lineup for all every kind of fan. Big Gigantic, J Cole, GTA, Alabama Shakes, Third Eye Blind, & Twentyone Pilots are some of the notable headliners and you can snag a 2-day pass for only $100.

We have a great contest running to promote this one! The top promoter wins 2 VIP two day festival passes and the top 4 runner-ups each win a GA two day pass. Check it out HERE and get your friends involved!

Hangout Music Fest (Gulf Shores, AL) 5/16-5/18

This beloved festival takes place right on the beach with one of the best festival lineups of the year. Huge names from every genre will be rocking out on the sand, including The Black Keys, Pretty Lights, The Killers, Queens of the Stone Age, STS9, Zedd, Modest Mouse, Chance the Rapper, Outkast, and Jack Johnson. If you can make it down to Alabama this is one you DON’T want to miss! Tickets are $230 before fees and they even have a pre-festival kick-off party on 5/15 featuring Danny Brown, Iron & Wine, Wolfmother, and Bonobo.

Summer Camp Music Festival  (Chillicothe, IL) 5/23-5/25

This is the one festival that jam band fans NEED to hit up. Summer Camp features a ridiculous lineup appealing to all ages and music styles, and the event is headlined by two legendary live acts. Moe and Umphrey’s McGee are both playing…three nights in a row! Fans will love the chance to catch three sets from some of the best musicians in the genre, and additionally Louts, Primus, the Trey Anastasio Band, Keller Williams, Lettuce, and Twiddle round out the jam band sector. Bassnectar, Gramatik, Wolfgang Gartner, Figure, and Mimose hold down the festival for the bass heads and there is an incredibly diverse lineup for everyone in between, including Slightly Stoopid, Cherub, Zac Brown Band, Matisyahu, and Koan Sound. If there is ANY way you can attend this one it’s definitely worth the time and money. Three day passes are only $200: get ‘em quick!

Electric Daisy Carnival (NYC) 5/24-5/25 Metlife Stadium

EDC is a major success around the world and the scope of the event grows year by year. This event has a well-rounded EDM lineup featuring some old and new faces, and the resurgence of deep-house is evident with the likes of MK, Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, and Claud VonStroke. Crowd favorites like Afrojack, Bassnectar, and Calvin Harris will also grace the main stage for a memorable weekend. This is one of the more expensive ones, as 2-day passes are going for $240 right now. One day passes are also available for $140.

-Andrew Cordivari

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Anyone who was into the punk/screamo/hardcore scene within the last few decade knows Chiodos. Although the band has experimented with different styles and various members, their musicianship is tighter than ever on the newest album “Devil”, which was released at the end of February. Craig Owens, Chiodos’ founder & frontman is finally back in charge of the reigns after working on side projects for the past few years, and fans are thrilled to hear his unique voice back in the mix. After Owens rejoined the band Derrick Frost (the original drummer) followed him to round out the reunion. Frost does a great job dictating the direction of the group through complex rhythms so that the energy ebbs and flows seamlessly across different tracks. The new addition of Thomas Erak (former guitarist and lead singer of Fall of Troy) definitely rounds out the group with some amazing talent, and the instrumental virtuosity of the band is both refreshing and entertaining in a genre full of formulaic song composition.

Their 2005 album “All’s Well That Ends Well” was released under Equal Vision records (the same label Fall of Troy signed with) and received some great feedback regarding the diverse, sprawling song arrangements. The band covers it all: Craig Owens has a dominating stage presence with one of the best screams in the genre and an incredible range of clean vocals. Rapid time signature changes keep the listener engaged at all times and it doesn’t hurt to have a guitar virtuoso tastefully shredding over the drum patterns. Erak is truly a force to be reckoned with, as his technical picking and excellent tapping capabilities carry some songs that would otherwise sound simplistic in nature. “Devil” is the sound that original fans are looking for, although the pop influences are evident in tracks like “Duct Tape”. Change is inevitable and necessary in music, but fans don’t always like a “mature” sound when a genre is built upon technicality and intensity. 

Luckily Chiodos consistently does a great job balancing the highs and lows, and it’s clear the album was produced with the goals of the musicians in mind; mass appeal was not a concern with “Devil”. Tracks like “Ole Fishlips Is Dead Now” and “Expensive Conversations in Cheap Motels” feature dark, complex tapping riffs right from the start which set the stage for Owens’ lyrical imagery. The song arrangements always seem to fit the poetic, sometimes-strange, sometimes-ambiguous lyrics of Craig Owens, but regardless of the song title or lyrical content one thing is clear: Owens is a master of language, utilizing complex metaphors, analogies, and personification throughout every song. Don’t let the song names get to you: just hit play and give it a listen!

These guys are on a massive U.S. tour stopping at over 30 major cities across the country. One of the last tour stops includes the famed House of Blues on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, and the show is already getting a ton of attention. In addition to an unprecedented band lineup with tons of new music to debut, the group has strong support with Emarosa and Our Last Night opening up the show. This will be a wild, sweaty, heavy show that you do NOT want to miss! Luckily for you we have a sweet jampaign set up where you can win free tix and VIP upgrades by promoting the show here: . Spread the word to your friends and enjoy the music!

–Andrew Cordivari


Hip hop is evolving. The new class of up and coming MC’s has taken the infectious elements of southern bass driven beats and combined them with a new found focus on lyricism. NYC is the birthplace of hip hop (see Boogie Down Bronx) and for too long it has been a barren landscape of empty promises (Papoose?) and commercial filler (Magna Carta vs Reasonable Doubt). The A$AP crew busted onto the scene in 2011 first with A$AP Rocky’s underground hitPeso” and changed all of that. The A$AP crew, hailing from Harlem World, had taken the city by storm and was making its way across the nation. Peso was followed by Rocky’s massive single “Fu**in Problem”, which featured a slew of other talented new voices (K Dot represent). A$AP Ferg is the second member of the A$AP crew to step out of the group and into the spotlight. His single “Shabba”, released in July, has over 10 million hits on Youtube and is creating buzz all over the blogosphere.

A$AP Ferg has got swaggggg. Although Rocky’s cameo in the single might be what catches the eye of most, Ferg most definitely holds his own lyrically. Ferg is the second member of the A$AP crew to start gaining traction fast which makes you wonder how far off his breakthrough single is. AT THE MOMENT, FERG IS TOURING AND JAMPLIFY IS PROMOTING! Check out A$AP Ferg’s new jampaign, sell some tickets, and win some free ones!

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The blogosphere is a powerful force. If you don’t believe me just ask Rob Resnick and Cal Shapiro, aka Timeflies. Timeflies started out as a much blogged about remix 2 part phenom (see HERE) with “smooth suburban college rapping party boy flow” written all over them. Their remix vids, with their home studio in the background, caught the like wildfire on the campus blog scene. 


With a sound similar to the likes of Mike Posner or Asher Roth, Timeflies was a natural favorite at college parties from coast to coast. The duo began producing music together while studying together at Tufts University. Their catchy pop laced hip hop was already on the launching pad for national success. Their recent video for “I Choose U” has production quality lighting, set design, and over 3 million hits on Youtube! These two are rising stars so check them out and help promote on Jamplify now! And not to worry, they’re still doing their awesome remixes.

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When you hear someone mention ‘Prime Social Group’ and ‘EDM show’ in the same sentence one word comes to mind, QUALITY. Prime Social Group has been moving dance floors and delivering quality electronic shows across the nation for years. Currently PSG is promoting 3 kick ass shows that they’re having in Madison WI, through Jamplify. PSG always brings the heat in terms of headliners and these shows are no different. They’ve got Rusko, Griz, and Gramatik all lined up and ready to drop some fire! Don’t miss out on your chance to win some amazing rewards, including free tickets to any of the shows! Click the link, create your account, and start promoting!

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You know those EDM melodies you just can’t get out of your head? The kind you find yourself humming to in crowded elevators, or incessantly tapping your feet to under your desk at work? Enter Bingo Players. The DJ duo, hailing from The Netherlands, has made it a point to consistently produce some of the most infectious beats on the EDM scene, year after year. Having mastered the EDM formula, equal parts strong build up and epic drop, Bingo Players have been controlling dance floors all over the world since their first breakthrough hit “Cry (Just A Little)” exploded onto the EDM scene in 2011. By providing a constant flow of new music, and playing countless shows and festivals (Ultra Fest, EDC, and E ZOO, just to name a few) the duo has kept their sound fresh and their presence felt. 

Any EDM fan will agree, there is NO BETTER WAY TO LISTEN TO EDM THAN AT A LIVE SHOW. There is something to be said for truly “feeling” the music. Let me elaborate. Listening to a DJ spin live, with bass pounding through the soles of your shoes, and visibly controlling the crowd around you, can in no way be compared to the feeling your iPod buds give you as they vibrate in your ear and piss off the person sitting next to you on the subway. There is no comparison. Luckily for all you EDM fans reading this and getting the urge to google lineups for your next festival adventure, we’ve got free VIP tickets to give you! The Bingo Players are running a campaign with us right now to support their new tour and are offering up TWO FREE VIP TICKETS AND A MEET AND GREET WITH THE BAND AT EVERY STOP!

Head over to Jamplify, grab your link, and start promoting!

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Indie music is a tough genre to define. With so many different sounds and influences, the label “indie rock” is broad at best. The indie sound can change from album to album, or even song to song, which is why the term suits Dr. Dog so well. The Pennsylvania based quintet has the feel good melodies reminiscent of classic doo wop rockers, such as the Beach Boys or The Zombies, while still containing a fresh and uniquely organic sound. The clean melodies found in songs such as “The Truth” or “The Breeze” mimic in style, those found in many classic 60’s jams. Just as the indie genre implies however, this is only one of Dr. Dog’s influences.

While the 60’s doo wop sound is the spine of Dr. Dog’s work, they are also heavily influenced by 90’s college radio rockers. This lo fi sounding, self reflective group of bands made a significant impact on the members of Dr. Dog. The lyricism and subject matter of Dr. Dog’s songs echoes the work of popular 90’s underground bands like Neutral Milk Hotel and Pavement. The strong live performances of these older groups can be seen in Dr. Dog’s dedication to delivering quality live acts at every show. Dr. Dog combines a love for classic feel good harmony with meaningful songwriting, making them one of the most unique “indie” bands around. Check out Dr. Dog’s refreshing style in the video below and be sure to help promote their new tour on Jamplify. The top promoter at every stop WINS TWO FREE TICKETS!


Click here to grab your link, start promoting, and compete to win!

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EDM (Electronic Dance Music) has become a global phenomenon over the past five years. It has evolved from a niche driven underground genre into one of the fastest growing movements in music, and there is no better illustration of the EDM frenzy than TomorrowWorld. With the enormous success of the EDM genre, festivals geared towards the new craze began springing up left and right. With so many festivals bringing in strong acts and delivering quality shows annually, it’s tough for any one festival to truly stand out. The exception is TomorrowWorld. TomorrowWorld, the American extension of Belgium’s TomorrowLand, is truly the pinnacle of the EDM festival scene.

One of the most intriguing facets of EDM is it’s international mass appeal. Electronic music has no language barrier, and connects to enormous audiences despite their native tongue. EDM is universal and TomorrowWorld is the tangible example of this. Hundreds of countries are represented by droves of energetic bass heads, looking for nothing more than to connect to the beats, crowds, and colors around them. The international influence at TomorrowWorld, in both artists and audience, is unmatched by any other EDM festival. However, despite the many different nations being proudly representing on the festival grounds, there is an overwhelming sense of togetherness. TomorrowWorld captures the true EDM spirit, one of camaraderie and celebration, and is the apex of electronic music festivals.

Jamplify is giving away a FULL MADNESS PASS ($347 value) and a GA PASS FOR FRIDAY, SATURDAY, AND SUNDAY!!! Don’t miss out on a chance to be part of the EDM madness that is TomorrowWorld!