Father-Daughter Rock Song Ideas for Weddings and Other Events

The place that a daughter has in her father’s heart is irreplaceable, and the love that a father has for his dear princess is immense to an immeasurable level.

And just like that, the first man a girl ever falls genuinely in love with is her father. She knows it in her heart that if there is one man who will never break her heart and will always be there to protect her it is her dad. 

At weddings and other special events, a father-daughter dance is a very magical moment. We collected our favorite father-daughter rock songs to strengthen your relationship and make your dance with your papa a little more memorable. Pick out the best father-daughter song for any upcoming event and enjoy the night.  

  • Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion – This classic reminds you of your father’s efforts and hard work that he put into giving you the life he thought was best for you. His faith and eternal love for you all along will make your eyes tear up when you’re dancing with your old man to this song. 
  • Daddy by Beyonce – This song is soulful and takes you down memory lane when you were daddy’s little girl. You may be all grown up now, but in your daddy’s eyes, you will always be his little girl. This song is perfect for dancing on your wedding day. 
  • I’ll Be Loving You Always by Frank Sinatra – A song your father will love listening to when you are in his embrace. It will be a reminder to both of you of the love that you have for each other and the memories you have shared. 
  • Best Day by Taylor Swift – A song that takes a girl to her younger days, reminding her of all the times when her daddy was there for her, supporting her with his love and care. Dancing with your daddy to this song will make you whisper a thank you in his ear. 
  • Butterfly Fly Away by Miley Cyrus – This special song was sung by the singer Miley Cyrus and her father, Billy Ray Cyrus. That is what makes this song very special, the father-daughter duet singing it with nothing but love and passion for each other. 

During your next big event, slow things down with a father-daughter dance. The songs above may be just the thing to bring people together!