Incredible Reality Music Competition Shows around the World

It is hard to imagine a world without music. For centuries, music has remained at the forefront of entertainment in different cultures. It is one of the few things most people turn to when it seems there is little or no meaning to life. Indeed, music can bring back a lost soul.

In the modern age, music is regarded as a universal language. It is pretty easy to fall in love with a piece of music, even if you know nothing about the lyrics or what the song means. Such is the magic that musicians are celebrated worldwide, even in places they will never step their foot until they die.

Music has become one of the most rewarding careers. It is natural, therefore, to see that hundreds of thousands of people are striving to make music and break into different music and entertainment industries around the world. This has given rise to so many musical competitions and talent hunts. Here, we will list 40 of the best reality music competition shows around the world in no defined order.

  • The Voice
  • The Four: Battle For Stardom
  • The Masked Singer
  • Sing On!
  • Songland
  • CMT’s Next Superstar
  • American Idol
  • Eurovision
  • Nashville Star
  • Rhythm + Flow
  • The Sing Off
  • Duets
  • Can You Duet
  • Platinum Hit
  • Rising Star
  • The X Factor (US)
  • But Can They Sing
  • Fame
  • High School Musical: Get In The Picture
  • Last Choir Standing
  • Celebrity Duets
  • Sing Your Face Off
  • How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?
  • Rock The Cradle
  • Pitch Slapped
  • Pitch Battle
  • Superstar USA
  • Puttin’ On The Hits
  • Don’t Stop Believing
  • The Naked Choir
  • Ms. T’s Music Factory
  • Over The Rainbow
  • Rock Star
  • The Nigerian Idol
  • The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart America’s Got Talent
  • America’s Got Talent
  • Westside
  • Showtime At The Apollo
  • The Glee Project
  • P. Diddy’s Starmaker.

There are several other music competition shows around the world, but these are the ones we consider to be the best. In America alone, there are so many competitions that it is a little difficult to choose the best. We have done our best to pick some of the best ones we have had the privilege of watching.