Picks For Top Latin American Bands

Talking about Latin American music, well, it basically refers to the music that was originated from Latin America. Particularly, they are the romance-speaking nations. Latin American music also embodies African music, and apart from this, it also incorporates the music from the homespun peoples of the Americas. Anyway, you have probably got a basic idea about Latin American music. Now, here, we will be talking about a new genre. Yes, we will be talking about rock music and Latin American bands.

It was in the 60s when a proto-punk band appeared in Peru. It was the arrival of Latin American rock music. This music consists of a wide range of genres, styles, and aesthetics. From activism to entertainment, you will get almost everything here. It has become the core of popular entertainment. Anyway, if you love Latin American rock music, you are definitely looking for some top Latin American bands. Here, we will let you know about some popular Latin American bands.

Los Saicos

Well, it was in Lima where punk rock was actually originated. Now, talking about Los Saicos, well, it was a popular band that pioneered this particular genre in Peru. After 13 years, the punk movement was started in England. During the 60s, Demoliciónand Fugitivo de Alcatraz that is one of the singles of this band gained huge popularity.

Seru Giran

Well, Seru Giran was actually an Argentinian superband. They used to deliver rock music and it was in 1978 when this band was founded by Charly Garcia. This rock band revolted through sophisticated compositions and poetry. One of their popular songs was Alicia en el Pais. It actually criticized the dictatorship of the military that people in Argentina had been experiencing at that time.

Los Prisioneros

This is another popular Latin American rock band. It was in 1979 when this band was actually founded. The interesting fact is that the members of this band were in high school at that time. The core theme of this band was political and they used to criticize the military dictatorship that was brutal at that time.


Well, this was probably the first band that actually defined Mexican rock. It was in 1987 when this band was started in Mexico. One of the popular songs of this band was La célula que explota. Well, it was a kind of rock anthem that has got the touches of guitars and mariachi.

So, these are some picks for top Latin American bands. We hope that you will love this collection.