Retrospective of the Top Artists of the 2010s

Music has been evolving at a pace we all appreciate. In the last three decades, there have been lots of changes in the way music is made or consumed. The most consistent thing, however, has been the efforts and tenacity of the talents in the music world. The 2010s can be defined as the turning point for music in many regards, and there are artists who made it more interesting.

There are so many incredible artists who made the 2010s what they are, and it will be really difficult to rank these highly talented. Here, we will only reflect on a few artists that broke several grounds with their talents and showmanship.


Undoubtedly one of the biggest talents to emerge from Britain, Adele is a genius that will continue to rock our world for years to come. She might have slowed down a little, but her music will always live with us.

Ed Sheeran

In terms of success, Ed Sheeran is one of the top talents in the world by many miles. He had his break in the United States in 2014, and it took him just three years to become a global superstar.


Queen Riri will have written her name in gold through hard work and great showmanship. She is nothing short of a musical icon.


Drake is considered by many as one of the best things to happen to Canada. He makes good music and sure knows how to put up a show.

Justin Bieber

Another exceptionally talented individual to conquer the world from Canada, Justin Bieber, started from a very young age to make meaningful impacts. At a point, he was the most popular and richest teenager on the planet.

Taylor Swift

One of the boldest talents in the United States, Tailor Swifts decided to change her sound during the 2010s. She did so well and joined the league of bestselling artists of the decade.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is the darling of many people for good reasons. She stole hearts in the 2010s.

Bruno Mars

One of the most soulful male voices of the 2010s, Bruno Mars was and has remained phenomenal.

One Direction

One of the music groups that started out strong and maintained the momentum throughout the 2010s. The group is still waxing strong.


Probably the biggest surprise in the world music scene. It is such an amazing story, coming from South Korea to take over the world stage.

There are many more wonderful artists who did great in the 2010s. The ones here deserve their spots, and we will stand by our verdict.