These Rap Songs about Money Are Life Goals

Achieving life goals is all part of the reasons why we live. There are goals to make more money, raise a beautiful family, and more. We can be nudged to reach our goals by listening to some rap songs. Everybody has a different and unique way of getting motivated in life to achieve their goals. Some draw inspiration from reading motivational books while others from rap songs. 

There are rap songs that talk about money and life goals at the same time. Below is a rundown of such rap songs.

T.I. feat. Rihanna – Live Your Life

Live Your Life is a song by American rapper, T.I, and Barbadian singer, Rihanna. The song inspires listeners to go after the life they have been craving without listening to what others have to say. It is a song worthy of listening to stay motivated and focused.

Lose Yourself – Eminem

Released in 2002, Lose Yourself by Eminem is an inspirational jam that will nudge you to get up and chase your dreams. The music background and the lyrics pack a punch to make you loosen up yourself and become a better person.

Work Hard Play Hard – Whiz Khalifa

The bass and powerful inspiring lyrics are enough to get you going anytime you feel low. Work Hard Play Hard is one of the best motivating songs that you can play on your sound system.

Without Me – Eminem

If you are looking for a rap song with strong lyrics and amazing beats to give you the push you have been looking for, Without Me fits the bill. The song has been geared by the rapper to help fill your day with lots of motivation and inspiration.

Money on My Mind – Lil Wayne

Money on My Mind may sound like a song that promotes materialism but on a closer look, it is more than that. The lyrics help shape one’s mind to have a steel mindset to charter clear goals and resolution to move even through the toughest of obstacles to achieve them.

We all strive to get rich or become wealthy. Whether you are down or looking for inspiration to keep going, these rap songs about money are life goals will give you the motivation you need to keep working hard and making more money.