Top Picks for Best Stevie Nicks Songs

Stevie Nicks is a popular figure in the music world who has influenced a lot of female artists to be successful in the industry. Born on May 26, 1948, in Phoenix, Arizona, she started writing music at a very young age. Bestowed with the Queen of Rock and Roll title, Stevie’s steadfastness in overcoming every hurdle to become a music success endeared her to many hearts, similar to Kenny Rogers and his legacy.

In honor of her memory, we have decided to make picks for the best Stevie Nicks songs. Check them out and know that they are not in any particular order.

Bella Donna

Bella Donna is one of Nick’s works that brought the spotlight onto her career. There was no doubt that she has a huge wave to make in the industry, even without the assistance of her colleagues in Fleetwood Mac. This album is one of her many masterpieces.

Edge of Seventeen

A third single from the Bella Donna album, this song is written in honor of John Lennon and her uncle. The line about the “The words from a poet and the voice from a choir” is meant for Lennon. The good blending of the music percussions and the lyrical content makes this song one of her best.  


Of all her songs, Rhiannon forms most of the reasons why Stevie has crowned the Queen of Rock and Roll. This amazing song inspires women to become independent and maintain an enchanting personality.


If you are looking for Stevie’s songs that are well laden with allegories and metaphors, then Dreams is your right pick. This song was written to Lindsey Buckingham towards the end of their relationship, inviting him to leave if he wants to. The bass and drumming make this piece amazing and timeless.

Planets of the Universe

“The planets of the universe go their way / not astounded by the sun or moon,” she sings as she emphasizes her break up with Lindsey Buckingham. This is one of the songs that she has used to address public opinion about her personal life. A classic it is. 

For many years, Stevie Nicks has been an inspiration to many female musicians and artists across the world. Her music has been well received and loved. In case you are a fan of Stevie Nicks’ music, the above are some of the top picks for you. Enjoy as you listen to these songs.