What is the World’s Best Selling Musical Instrument?

In a world where the music industry is thriving with new music every day, does the question of what is the world’s best selling musical instrument ever cross your mind? If it hasn’t yet, then that needs to change because we’ve got the answer for it right here. Do you have any guesses?

The world’s best selling musical instrument, drum roll please, is a harmonica! The purpose of this musical instrument is to produce sounds with different frequency ranges in a handheld device.

The history of harmonica goes back to ancient Chinese civilizations, around 2500 B.C. The Chinese emperors were very fond of the musical rhythms made by a harmonica. Special harmonica playing musicians were called from all around the reign to perform in the emperor’s court. 

Traditional Chinese folk songs were sung by the people while the musicians played the harmonica.

The harmonica was also very popular in Europe during the early 1800s and late 1900s. A lot of music made at this time would be incomplete without the sounds of a harmonica.

In America, the music industry started using the harmonica when it had become more famous in Europe. Different genres of music utilize a harmonica, like jazz, blues, American folk music, classical music, country, rock and roll, and many others. 

It is also called a French harp in Europe, and mouth organ in other countries of the world. More than a billion have been sold. 

Different types of harmonica:

  • Tremolo
  • Octave
  • Diatonic
  • Chromatic
  • Orchestral 
  • Bass versions.

How to play the harmonica

A harmonica is a mouth instrument, and the person playing it uses his lips and tongue to produce the desired sound. Heavy blowing and breathing into the harmonica produce sounds of different pitches and frequency when you move the instrument accordingly. 

By adjusting the reed lengths or weight on the instrument end, side, or the stiffness close to the fixed end of the harmonica, you can play differing tunes and keep the melody rising and falling where you want. 

People still perform magnificently with this best-selling instrument to this day, and famous musicians have released some great sounding songs with the help of a simple yet powerful harmonica.