10 Songs to Play on Your Birthday

Life is a precious gift – we should celebrate every single day on earth. On your birthday, however, you have every right to take your celebration a step higher. It is all about you, and you can do whatever you want to celebrate your life and your achievements.

Birthday celebrations are not complete without music. In addition to the “Happy Birthday” song your loved ones will sing for you, it is normal to play your favorite birthday songs as much as you want. Here are ten songs that can help make your birthday a lot more enjoyable:

Birthday – The Beatles

If you are a fan of the Fab Four, then you definitely have to play this song on your birthday. It is a great one, by all standards.

Happy Birthday – Stevie Wonder

Let the one and only Stevie Wonder wish you a happy birthday in the most remarkable way. He penned the tune for Martin Luther King, jr., but you can make it yours.

Happy Birthday – Weird AI

It is not yet the end of the world, so you can as well enjoy this tune while we are all still here.

Happy Birthday – Loretta Lynn

Get your sweet birthday wishes from Loretta Lynn. It doesn’t matter who she penned it for; it is all yours now.

Older – They Might Be Giants

You’re older: that’s is an amazing thing. Happy birthday, once again.

In The Club – 50 Cent

If you are a real lover of hip-hop, then this is definitely one of the coolest songs to play on your birthday.

Birthday – Twista

How cool do you think it will be for one of the fastest rappers in the world to come through on your birthday?

Birthday – Destiny Child

Beyoncé and her friends recorded several wonderful songs, including this wonderful birthday tune. It is highly recommended when it is time to slow things down.

It’s My Party – Lesley Gore

It’s your birthday, so it’s your party. You have the right to do whatever pleases you. That is exactly what this song reminds you of. Even your guests will take a clue and allow you to dictate the tune of the party.

Unhappy Birthday – The Smiths

Even if you are not so into birthdays, playing a tune can be helpful. This particular one is for you or your friends who are not really into birthdays.

There are many other tunes to use and celebrate your birthday. These are just some of the best ones we can come up with at the moment.