Best Childish Gambino Songs

Donald Glover is more of a modern-day renaissance man than a musician. The American rapper is also a singer, actor, comedian, writer, producer, and director. While he is more recognized in the music industry, where he goes by the name ‘Childish Gambino,’ Donald Glover has released many hit songs.

Telegraph Ave

This is an incredible song from the album ‘Because the Internet.’ It is a lovely song that takes on Gambino as a character, meditating on his relationship while driving ‘up the 5’ to Oakland.

This Is America

A Grammy Award-winning song, ‘This is America’ is Childish Gambino’s 2018 stand-alone release that talks about modern-day America and its ups and downs. It explores many elements of culture and conversation at the time it was made.


When it comes to clever songwriting, this is definitely one of Donald Glover’s best songs. There are several catchy lines, and we believe this is one of the songs that earned Glover’s writing spot for the legendary 30 Rock.


This has been described as the official musical torchbearer of one of the most potent catchphrases of our days: ‘stay woke.’ Besides that, it is an incredible song from the ‘Awaken, My Love’ album. The groovy jam was said to have been inspired by the birth of his child by his non-black partner. Whatever the case, it is an incredible record.

Stand Tall

It is a thing of joy to listen to Childish’s most passionate vocals gliding over a choir, flute, and wavy guitar work. Stand Tall will continue to inspire individuals who are drawn to Childish Gambino’s music.

Secret Track

A hip hop masterstroke that would have remained unreleased, we are glad that a Redditor was able to hack the Matrix and get the content of this song out.

Pop Thieves (Make It Feel Good)

This is probably Childish Gambino’s best and busiest bop of the Kauai EP. It follows the opener ‘sober’ directly, changing the pace of the pop-theme project in an impressive manner.

The Worst Guys

It will be nice to include a song that Childish Gambino featured another artist on this list. Though Chance the Rapper didn’t rap or sing much, the record was a hit and is still one of my favorites from Donald Glover.

There you have it! Above are some of the best Childish Gambino songs. Donald Glover is an award-winning musician known to write clever songs that speaks about the vices in our society today. If you are a fan of Childish Gambino, you should consider listening to the songs above.