Best Elvis Presley Songs

Elvis Presley is one of the vocalists who maintained a strong affinity for country music, even while experimenting with other genres. In the Fifties, for instance, his musical outputs were generally defined more by rock and roll. He delved fully into country music in the seventies and made a notable impact.

What are your favorite Elvis Presley Songs? Here, we will briefly look at ten of his best songs in terms of everything musical:

Blue Moon of Kentucky – 1954

In the early 50s, rock n roll looked very much like country music. The once and future king of rock n roll was at ground level at this point, but his musical output was great. This song was released just a few months after his 19th birthday.

She Thinks I Still Care – 1977

The vocalist in Elvis Presley was almost at his peak when he released this song in 1977. He was comfortable in his own surrounding, and the quality of the song speaks volumes about his state of mind at the time.

I Forgot To Remember To Forget – 1955

If you are only looking at the period Presley was with Sun, “I Forgot To Remember To Forget” will definitely be his most traditionally country-sounding record. It was his first single to reach No. 1 on the country charts.

I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry – 1973

Even the king could cry. Elvis Presley had described this song as one of the saddest songs he’d ever heard. It is still a wonderful song.

Green, Green Grass of Home – 1975

According to lore, Tom Jone’s version of “Green, Green Grass of Home” was Elvis Presley’s favorite song. It was inevitable that he will record his own rendition. He did in 1975, and it is a memorable song.

Make the World Go Away – 1971

This song expresses Elvis Presley’s struggles with the increasing confines of fame. It is a memorable song, by all standards.

Gentle On My Mind – 1969

This song is a swinging version of John Hartford’s song of the same title. However, Elvis Presley did it in a wonderful manner that we can’t ignore.

Help Me Make It Through the Night – 1972

Originally written by Kris Kristofferson, “Help Me Make It Through the Night” is an incredible song. Elvis Presley’s version of the song is exceptionally good.

There you have it – some of Elvis Presley’s songs most memorable songs. If you will like to relieve some of the good old memories, listen to the songs mentioned above, and to add variety, listen to Pink Floyd as well.