Greatest Pink Floyd Songs

When it comes to progressive psychedelic rock music, there is no better band than Pink Floyd. The English rock band wrote their names on the sands of time with several wonderful renditions. They are arguably one of the most prolific bands with as many as 15 albums made over three decades. Judging by the quality of their songs, it is a big challenge to pick the best ones. We can always try; so here are the greatest Pink Floyd songs: 

Wish You Were Here 

This was an album-length tribute to a former member of the group, Syd Barret. Members of the group were still friendly with Barrett after he left, and he also appeared in the studio while recording their ninth album, which contained this hit. 

Comfortably Numb 

This is one of few songs on The Wall album that Waters wrote with Gilmour. Many fans believe it was the best song in the entire album, and we can agree with that. The song is excellent in many ways. 


It is hard to believe that Waters wrote this song when he was barely thirty. When he sings the song in his sixties, it makes more sense. It has always been a great song. 

Shine On You Crazy Diamond 

This was another wonderful tribute to Pink Floyd’s original leader, Syd Barrett. Though he has been out of the band seven years before they wrote this song, it was obvious he was still leading them in spirit. 

Another Brick in the Wall 

Another great song from the group managed to top the pop-music chart when it was released. 


This is one of the best collaborative songs by the group. It is believed that the entire four members made huge contributions, and it is evident in the quality of the song. 


This is one of Pink Floyd’s most enduring songs. It was also the first of their songs that entered the U.S. singles chart. It is a successful anti-greed song.

Us & Them 

This was the longest song on Dark Side of The Moon. It may not be the group’s most philosophical song, but it was an excellent hit. 

There you have it! Above are some of the greatest songs from the renowned English rock band, Pink Floyd. If you are a fan of rock music, ensure that you download and listen to the songs above.