Why Lorde’s ‘Solar Power’ Was A Departure From Prior Work

Lorde is one of the most popular singers from the soil of New Zealand. It was on 20th August when the third album of Lorde was released. It is a kind of sunny departure from her prior works. Melodrama that is a critically-acclaimed album is also included here. There is another aspect of this new album; it basically had made a reunion between Jack Antonoff and Lorde. Well, Jack Antonoff is a popular music producer. He is known for producing award-winning albums. Top international singers such as Taylor Swift, Lana Del Ray, Carly Rae Jepsen, and many more worked with him.

Talking about this new album, Lorde basically provides complex and dark sounds. She also brought old lyrics. The song clearly reflects the folk music of the 70s and the poetry of her mother. If you want to enjoy yourself at the beach, the soundtrack will be perfect for you. Well, we are not saying that it is one of those songs that will stay in your mind even after the song ends. This album is highly predictable and it is also unforgettable.

Many music fans and critics disliked this song because it has not any sad tone. Moreover, Lorde has added a very less relatable and optimistic point of view. Some people might feel the true essence of this song and on the other side, some people might compare it with the previous album of Lorde, Melodrama. 

Talking about Melodrama, it had not got huge success because the tone of the album was very sad. Although the songs of the album are unique; they are very cohesive in nature. Talking about Solar Power, it has a very happy tone and this album is not bad at all. It has a simple tone and at some point, it becomes boring. There is no special vibe in the songs and all those songs are perfectly adequate.

Lorde was of the opinion that she had been waiting for the right moment to release her new single album- ‘Solar Power’. If you see other pop stars, they are expected to be relatable and available. They remain on and active. However, if we talk about Lorde, she has a very low-key presence in the public. It was in 2017 when her previous album was released. With this new album, Solar Power, Lorde welcomes the audience into her own world. She also presents herself as a songwriter in this song. 

If you have not heard it, you can get the video album on YouTube. So, why are you still waiting? Play this song today.