As anyone who has ever been to a live concert knows, there is something about live music that just can’t be beat. The energy of the crowd, the feeling of being in the moment with the artist, and of course, the music itself sounding slightly different than it does on the album – it’s all […]

Golden Gate Bridge during daytime

There are so many songs written about California that speak about the uniqueness and attractions in the sunshine state. Whether you’re visiting or living in the golden state of California, let these songs be the soundtrack of your journey.

several guitars beside of side table

Did you know that all influential guitar innovations were named from these Martin guitars? The naming system used helps one know which guitar is a Martin vintage guitar or a new Martin guitar. Ways to tell the difference between the Pre War Martin Guitars and the New Martin Guitars. If you don’t know which guitar

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Though your life may not be a Tarantino movie, you may wish for it to have a similar soundtrack. Humans have a close relationship with music, one  which was developing far before recorded history began. Focus music of many varieties helps us apply concentrated attention to a task, much more than we’d easily put forth

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