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take a break from the cold with slightly stoopid

Take a Break From The Cold With Slightly Stoopid @Aragon_Ballroom 3/14


Reggae has really expanded as a genre in recent years, and there are massive influxes of new bands that are bringing the island sound to everyone’s ears. Slightly Stoopid is one of the few veteran groups who still dominate the genre, and fans of all ages know exactly what all the hype is about. The band caught the attention of the late Bradley Nowell (Sublime) in 1995 and that was just one of many promising signs in their early career.  After a few well-received studio releases the band’s popularity really started to take off and they were blessed with heavy air play on several major radio stations. Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald founded the group after growing up as childhood friends, and these skilled mulit-instrumentalists still anchor the band with their impressive experience. The most recent studio album “Top of the World” was released in 2012 to a strong reception and the band is currently touring with an impressive supporting cast: Mariachi El Bronx with the hip-hop powerhouses who are The Grouch and Eligh. Slightly Stoopid features guitar work that’s nicely balanced between smooth melodies and technical riffs, showcased in the popular hit “Closer to the Sun”. The warm bass and fun lyrics complete a recipe for greatness and it definitely cements Slightly Stoopid as one band you need to see! The group has sold out several shows in Chicago before and their upcoming show at the Aragon Ballroom will definitely sell out soon, but don’t worry- we have the hook up! Chi-town has been pounded by the cold this winter-and everyone is hoping to catch some summer vibes. Enter our jampaign  (click here: to promote the show to your friends: the top promoter wins 2 VIP tickets to the show! 

-Andrew Cordivari