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the bingo players rattle roll tour

You know those EDM melodies you just can’t get out of your head? The kind you find yourself humming to in crowded elevators, or incessantly tapping your feet to under your desk at work? Enter Bingo Players. The DJ duo, hailing from The Netherlands, has made it a point to consistently produce some of the most infectious beats on the EDM scene, year after year. Having mastered the EDM formula, equal parts strong build up and epic drop, Bingo Players have been controlling dance floors all over the world since their first breakthrough hit “Cry (Just A Little)” exploded onto the EDM scene in 2011. By providing a constant flow of new music, and playing countless shows and festivals (Ultra Fest, EDC, and E ZOO, just to name a few) the duo has kept their sound fresh and their presence felt. 

Any EDM fan will agree, there is NO BETTER WAY TO LISTEN TO EDM THAN AT A LIVE SHOW. There is something to be said for truly “feeling” the music. Let me elaborate. Listening to a DJ spin live, with bass pounding through the soles of your shoes, and visibly controlling the crowd around you, can in no way be compared to the feeling your iPod buds give you as they vibrate in your ear and piss off the person sitting next to you on the subway. There is no comparison. Luckily for all you EDM fans reading this and getting the urge to google lineups for your next festival adventure, we’ve got free VIP tickets to give you! The Bingo Players are running a campaign with us right now to support their new tour and are offering up TWO FREE VIP TICKETS AND A MEET AND GREET WITH THE BAND AT EVERY STOP!

Head over to Jamplify, grab your link, and start promoting!

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