Can Breastfeeding Music Make Feeding Infants Easier?

Can breastfeeding music make things easier? That is a question that swims around the mind of all the new mommies to be and even the ones who’ve already become a mother. Where music therapy is accepted and effective in many cases and circumstances, does it have the same effect when it comes to breastfeeding a baby? 

So if there is an answer to, can breastfeeding music makes things easier, and if yes, then how much easier? We did a little research to share with all of the mothers who want to breastfeed their little ones multiple times a day with ease.

The study consisted of 4 women who used a breast milk pumper to pump out milk in four different situations. The duration of this experiment was 14 days.

One of these conditions in which the mother would pump out the breast milk was while listening to relaxing music, the other listened to guitar lullabies, the third listened to verbal guidance, and the fourth included music with verbal guidance and pictures and videos of the baby.

And very surprisingly after 14 days when the result was observed, the researchers found an astounding difference in results of the cases. The mother who listened to music and verbal talk and shown the pictures of her baby produced the most milk!

The milk even had more fat and nutrients, which is exactly what the baby needs at the time after birth.

This helped them conclude the mothers that music plus the baby’s memory and thoughts via media can produce a good amount of breast milk for the baby.

There you go mommies, to answer your question, can breastfeeding music makes things easier, yes it can. Just do it while watching your little bundle of joy and listening to your favorite playlist.