Exercises To Expand Voice Strength

If you are a professional singer, you would probably know that singing is a physically demanding task. You will have to invest a lot of energy and stamina in order to sing properly onstage. You can compare this with other physical activities such as running, swimming and many more. In order to keep your voice strength in good shape, you need to warm up. It will basically help you to sing better and apart from this, you will be able to extend your voice range comfortably. Warming up your voice is very important before singing.

Now, you might be thinking about how you can warm up your voice. Here, warming up means expanding your voice strength. Fortunately, there are many exercises that will help you to expand your voice strength. We have explained them below:

Yawn-Sigh Exercise

This is, no doubt, one of the best exercises in order to expand voice strength. It is a kind of quick exercise where you need to do yawning in order to take the air. After that, you will have to close your mouth and then, you will have to exhale it through your nose. It will definitely help you to relax your utterance. Moreover, this exercise will certainly improve my voice strength.

Humming Warm-Up Technique

This is another efficient exercise to expand voice strength. It is one of those exercises that do not put pressure on your vocal cords. You just need to put the tip of the tongue behind the bottom front teeth. Now, you will have to hum-up and after that, you will have to put the major scale down. You will also have to keep your mouth closed while doing this. Now, you will have to make a ‘hmmm’ sound.

Vocal Straw Exercise

From the name, you have understood that you need a straw in order to perform this exercise. You just need to take a straw and then, you will have to hum through the straw. In the beginning, you will have to keep the tone low and then, you will have to increase it gradually. 

Lip-Buzz Technique

This is really an interesting exercise. Here, you need to generate a motorboat sound by vibrating your lips. While vibrating your lips, you will have to blow air through your nose. This will enhance vocal strength.

Vocal Siren Technique

Here, you will have to produce a sound like a siren. Yes, you need to go from the lowest note to the highest and then, you will have come back to the lowest tone. You need to continue this for a while and thus, your vocal strength will be expanded.

So, these are some exercises to expand vocal strength. Take care of your physical issues, stay healthy, get your focus, and give it a try.