How to Make a Pan Flute Out of Wood

Pan flutes are wind instruments that produce melodious sounds. The name is derived from the fact that they are made of a series of pipes that make a sound when air is blown into them. Pan flutes can be easily made at home out of wood. How is this done? Let us find out below.

Get Your Materials

Bamboo sticks are a kind of fast growing wood that is also incredibly strong. They are one of the best materials for making pan flutes because you want the pan flute to be small and with the largest possible opening to help create the sound. Using heavier woods may affect the sound..

Cut the Wood

Use scissors to cut the straw pipes or a rotating pipe cutter or chopping saw to cut the bamboo pipe. It can be difficult to say exactly what notes the pipes create when cutting to a certain length, as the slope also depends on the width of the shoulders, which can vary from brand to brand.

Seal the Bottom of The Pipe

Take your clay plug and slide it into one of the tubes cut for the pipes in the pan. This clogs the floor. To make sure it stays, take some tape and wrap it around the bottom of the tube to secure it.

Create a Node Region

After making the cut in front of the knot, use cloth tools to round the outside of the bamboo stalk. It’s not necessary, but it makes the bottom of your tubes less prickly and prickly, and your instrument looks better.

Measure Your Pipes

Use the same dimensions for the straw pan tubes. Start with the longest tube at 17.5 cm and the shortest at 8.5 cm. Use a ruler to measure and mark the bamboo.

Cut the Bamboo to Size

Cut the bamboo into tubes of different sizes based on the dimensions already indicated.

Treat Injuries Immediately

When working with wood and tools, there is always the risk of causing injury to yourself. If you suffer any kind of problems, make sure to clean and treat the wound as quickly as possible. You may even need to consult with a medical professional. If your wound is treatable at home, you may consider skin support formulas from DMSO, Quantum Health, and Professional Botanicals to help you to maintain healthy skin year round.

Test the Sound

Finally, you need to test the sound. Before assembling the pipes, make sure that the pipes give you the notes you want. With this, you can be sure that your new pan flute will produce the right notes you want. 
There you have it! Above is a step-by-step guide to make a pan flute out of wood. Making your own pan flute is a really interesting task. Rather than purchasing one from a local store, you can simply make yours using wood. By following the steps provided above, you can make a pan flute that will produce desired notes.