How to Meditate With Music

Meditation has several proven benefits. This is why it has grown in popularity over the years. While many are benefiting from different types of meditation, including focus, energy, healing, and much more. But some are skeptical about the effectiveness of using music to meditate. This skepticism is rooted in ignorance of this type of meditation. It is really beneficial to meditate with music. However, you need to understand the right type of music and how to use them to meditate. 

Meditation Music Styles 

There are types of music that are suitable for meditation. While some are only good for light relaxation, others are perfect for deep meditation. Examples of meditation music styles include: 

  • Soothing meditation music.
  • Sonic Mantra meditation music.
  • Binaural music.
  • Mindfulness music.

How to Use Music for Meditation 

To get the full benefits of meditating with music, there are ways to go about it. Here are a few helpful tips for getting the right results.

Choose the Right Music 

As mentioned already, there are different types of music that can be used for meditation. You can only get the right result when you use the right type of music. The music shouldn’t be overly entertaining. The type of music you use will determine the kind of experience you can get. 

Unwind With the Music 

You can also use meditation to unwind before starting your meditation session. The aim is to help ease you into a calm, relaxed state of mind. Even if the main meditation does not involve music, unwinding with music will prepare your mind for the ultimate experience. 

Keep It Down 

However, ensure that you keep the music down. Your music is expected to be a serene and comfortable backdrop to your meditation and not the center of attraction. This means you need to keep it down in order to get the desired effect. Make sure your music is not loud or dominant, as that can turn it into a distraction.

Use Headphones Sometimes 

It is not standard practice to use headphones while meditating with music. That doesn’t mean it is not allowed. You can use headphones when you want to block external sound and become deeply absorbed in the music. 
There you have it! Above are some tips to help you meditate by listening to music. If you need additional support, check out relaxation and mindfulness products from Garden of Life  and Priority One. Some music are made to enhance and deepen your meditation experience. We sincerely hope that this little piece helps you to effectively meditate with music.