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Pre-War Martin Guitars vs. New Martin Guitars: What Are the Differences?

Did you know that all influential guitar innovations were named from these Martin guitars? The naming system used helps one know which guitar is a Martin vintage guitar or a new Martin guitar.

Ways to tell the difference between the Pre War Martin Guitars and the New Martin Guitars.

If you don’t know which guitar is pre-war or not, you need to check the guitars’ sizes and styles. That would give you an edge to know which is an old Martin Guitar and which is new. You could get a little bit confused. Think about it when somebody says they enjoy comparing the OM-28 to the D-18. These guitar names would make you know so much before you start making music. Using the Martin baking system, you always know which guitar is old or new from the style and the size. A D-18 guitar has the Dreadnought size, which is obtained from the 18th style. The OM style gives one orchestra that’s modeled from the 28th style.

The letter from the name indicates the size and shape of both Pre War Martin Guitars as against New Martin Guitars. The type of style typically explains the tone of the old martin guitars vs. the new ones.There are a variety of assigned numbers that are sent to different tones. These have specific appointments and various methods that are combined. If you check and notice a specific style number, you should know that that’s a sign telling you that it is either a Pre War Martin Guitar or a New Martin Guitar. This helps with the naming systems of these different guitars.

There are various styles used to know which guitar is new and which guitar is old. These different Martin guitars, both new and old, are vintage guitars that are highly popular among players and a variety of Martin collectors for their various characteristics when it comes to the tone of the music they want to play.

Let’s check out some things that help make these New and Old Martin Guitars different. We’ll also talk about what makes them extremely popular among various musical styles and genres.

What are the differences between Martin models?

There’s the Martin 18 style vs. the 28 styles.

If you’re into music, vintage guitars, and the musical genre, you would know that some music performers let all of their audience know they are using the Martin D-18 Vintage Guitar. Those who use the Martin O-28 Vintage Guitar also make it know that that’s what they are using.

These guitarists have different sounds typically heard in various recordings that came from modern music’s history.
These genres of songs played include those from rock to folk and then to the classics. Even modern players make use of these different guitars to excite their fans.

The difference between Pre War Martin guitars and New Martin guitars would be how elusive Pre War Martin Guitars sound.


It would be best if you were a powerful Martin Guitar fan to know the differences between a Pre War Martin guitar and a New Martin Guitar. After doing quite the research, one would realize that the significant difference between these two guitars is how elusive the Pre War Martin guitar feels compared to the New Martin Guitar.

After listening to songs or music played by the elusive Pre War Martin guitar, it would be difficult a bit to tell which tone was used to make your favorite song. But you could tell at the end of the day.

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