Songs To Wake Up To

You might not be a morning person, and you are not alone in this category. Living in this technologically flourished time, most people are having a very hectic as well as unstable lifestyle. Moreover, night parties and night shifts have become common nowadays. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to wake up with the early morning alarm.

Well, you might be surprised to know that you alone are not responsible for this. According to a study conducted by several music psychologists, the alarm tone is equally responsible. Most people do not set a proper alarm tone and this is where they do the big mistake. You should set a song that has a strong positive tone and apart from this, that has strong beats. Finding such songs that have these qualities can be difficult for you. This is why we have made a list consisting of the songs that will wake you up.

Lovely Day

Lovely Day by Bill Withers is one of the morning songs that you can have in your playlist. You can set it for your alarm tone. It is soaring, conversational, and melodic. Along with these, the song has a warm tone that will definitely be beneficial in the morning for you. However, we must not forget the energetic dichotomy of the song. The dichotomy makes this song more approachable and it becomes a perfect morning song.

Just Fine

You need a song that has high beats to start your Sunday morning. Well, Just Fine by Mary J. Blige will definitely fulfill this desire. The pop tone paired with good lyrics makes this song ideal for Sunday morning.

Jazz (We’ve Got)

If you are looking for a rhythmic track that will push you, this song will be ideal for you. Jazz (We’ve Got) from the house of A Tribe Called Quest is rich in morning mantra and therefore, you will have a perfect start in the morning. It will eventually boost your productivity.

O-o-h Child

The Five Stairsteps made this song. O-o-h Child has a very soft and guiding tone that can charge you up mentally in the morning. If you set this song for the morning alarm, you will not regret it.

I Think Of Saturday

It is a fact that coffee helps us to get rid of morning lethargy. But, songs have the same quality, and ‘I Think Of Saturday’ is one of those songs that will push you and you will feel energetic.

So, these are some songs that will wake you up. Changes in your wake-up routine combined with supplements from Pure Solutions and DesBio should help you live a more energetic and healthier life. We hope that you will add these songs to your playlist.