Tips for Vocal Rest to Help Restore Your Voice

It is always important for singers to keep your voice healthy for auditions, music concerts, and performances. This is true for beginners who can harm their voice by pushing themselves too hard too fast; and experienced singers who have had a lifetime of stress put on their vocal cords. But the question now is how you give your vocals a rest and how to keep them in great shape. Whether your voice has become raspy or is about to, below are tips for how to rest your vocal cords and restore your voice.

Drink Lots of Water

To keep your voice in good condition you have to always stay hydrated. Avoid drinking alcohol or caffeinated drinks. These end up drying up your larynx, potentially leaving you with a hoarse voice.

Talk Less

Talking stresses your voice. Every time you are talking you are stressing your vocal cords, which indirectly affects your singing voice. This is especially important when you have a performance coming up. Talk less and rest your voice.

Avoid Talking or Singing Too Loudly

When you are singing or talking too loudly, your vocal cords’ walls vibrate against each other. Over time the impact of this collision leaves you with a swollen or irritated larynx that can hamper your singing ability.

Drink Tea With Ginger

Furthermore, you can restore your voice by drinking tea with ginger or including ginger in your tea. Drinking tea mixed with ginger is very healthy for your voice. Ginger is a good source of nutrients to help clear your sinuses and nasal passages. Note that you should avoid caffeinated teas.


How often do you consume honey? Honey is wonderful in helping you maintain a good singing voice. It contains nutrients that help to protect the throat and restore the body’s natural vitality. Whether you are looking to improve your voice or keep your voice clean and clear, consuming honey is a great option.

Get Some Sleep

Ensure you get adequate sleep at night. Stress is a voice killer. One way of keeping stress at bay and preventing it from hampering your voice quality is sleep. Get as much sleep as you can each day. This way, you can restore you sweet voice.

If you want more ways to support your throat and respiratory system so you can sing without disruption, you may consider supportive aids from Pure Encapsulations, Enzymatic Therapy, and Integrative Therapeutics. These brands offer products that may be ideal for singers and musicians of all types.

When working on your voice, you have to be persistent and patient because the results will not be immediate. Follow these tips and your voice will remain healthy and ready to handle the difficulties of singing. A little goes a long way. Over time, following these tips will help you to maintain your voice for a long time!