Try This Songwriting Exercise to Help Finish Your 1st Album

Songwriting is the aspect of music that the audience does not see. It is the foundation of any record or musical performance and needs to be done properly. Like other important things in life, songwriting can be quite difficult. From a lack of inspiration to distractions around the home, there are things that can impede your ability to write the great songs you have inside your heart so that you can complete the album you have always wanted to complete. 

Here are important songwriting exercise tips that can help you finish your first album.

Look out the Window for a Very Long Time 

This may sound too obvious, but looking out of the window for a very long time is an important exercise that will help you to relax and let your mind wander around your ideas and feelings. Now, you don’t actually need a window to let this exercise work; just stare at something silently, so long as it isn’t your phone or computer. Pets, your children, a painting you enjoy, anything will work. 

Try to Listen More and Talk Less 

Many creative people are inspired by listening to others and their conversations and stories. This is no secret; the more you talk, the less deeply you think. If you want to take things to the extremes, you can decide to remain silent for several hours. Consider going to a coffee shop or bar and just sit there with a notebook. Or if you are bolder, ask a stranger if you can interview them; many people love attention and want to share their life with others.

Learn Something New 

Learning a new thing has ways of opening many areas of your life, including songwriting. While it will be more helpful to learn something new about music, you can also benefit from doing something new that has nothing to do with music. A new challenge may be all you need to get back to writing great lyrics. 

Embrace the Buddy System 

Most of the great songs were never written by a single individual. Even if you want to express yourself fully with your first album, you can benefit a lot from collaborating with other songwriters. Who you choose to work with and the level of contributions you make are all up to you. 
There you have it! Above are some quality songwriting exercise tips to help finish your first album. While the few exercises recommended here can help you to write great songs, there are several others that can help too, such as turning on some focus music! If you have some that work for you, you can combine with these to get back to your best and finish that important album.