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EDM (Electronic Dance Music) has become a global phenomenon over the past five years. It has evolved from a niche driven underground genre into one of the fastest growing movements in music, and there is no better illustration of the EDM frenzy than TomorrowWorld. With the enormous success of the EDM genre, festivals geared towards the new craze began springing up left and right. With so many festivals bringing in strong acts and delivering quality shows annually, it’s tough for any one festival to truly stand out. The exception is TomorrowWorld. TomorrowWorld, the American extension of Belgium’s TomorrowLand, is truly the pinnacle of the EDM festival scene.

One of the most intriguing facets of EDM is it’s international mass appeal. Electronic music has no language barrier, and connects to enormous audiences despite their native tongue. EDM is universal and TomorrowWorld is the tangible example of this. Hundreds of countries are represented by droves of energetic bass heads, looking for nothing more than to connect to the beats, crowds, and colors around them. The international influence at TomorrowWorld, in both artists and audience, is unmatched by any other EDM festival. However, despite the many different nations being proudly representing on the festival grounds, there is an overwhelming sense of togetherness. TomorrowWorld captures the true EDM spirit, one of camaraderie and celebration, and is the apex of electronic music festivals.

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