Biggest Music Festivals Around The World

The crowd is literally jumping and you are feeling the sweat in your forehead and eyes; the level of adrenalin is pumping up. Well, you have probably understood that we are referring to a music festival. A music festival is something where you see a lot of people are enjoying themselves together. If you have ever stepped into the ambiance of a music festival, you can clearly understand that it is a place where you automatically get connected with others. It is a kind of singular experience that music festivals offer.

You cannot music festivals with other things. You get such an experience that no other thing can give you. As of now, people across the globe experienced so many music festivals but, here we will be specifically talking about the biggest music festivals. So, do not miss to check out the below-mentioned points:

Electric Daisy Carnival

If you are looking for the most popular dance music festival, you should definitely put an end. Electric Daisy Carnival is your answer. It consisted of hardstyle, house, bass, techno, trance, bounce, trap, and many more. It took place in 2016 and the number of attendance was 400,000. Talking about the location, it took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

New Orleans Jazz And Heritage Festival

This is probably one of the oldest festivals on our list. We are referring to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival that actually took place in 2016. Talking about the number of attendance, well, it was 425,000. It was in New Orleans, the USA where this event was organized. One of the main characteristics of this festival was that it reflected African-American history and culture. This is something that makes this festival one of the biggest music festivals.


The history of this music festival is very interesting. It was started in the year 1994 for celebrating the 25th anniversary of a magazine called Essence. Yes, it was for African-American women. Gradually, it became one of the largest music festivals reflecting the African-American culture.


Coachella is, no doubt, one of the most popular music festivals in the world. It has another aspect- Coachella is also considered a profitable music program. It was in 2016 when this music festival generated almost $94.2 million. Kendrick Lamer, Lady Gaga, and Radiohead were parts of this mega music festival. The number of attendance in 2017 was 594,000.

So, these are some of the biggest music festivals that took place around the world.