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why you should appreciate diplo most festival

Why You Should Appreciate Diplo…

Most festival headliners face a barrage of hate and critique from the media, accusing DJs of “selling out”, utilizing too many samples, lack of creativity, too much complexity, etc…However, it’s pretty difficult to come down on Diplo (LA native Thomas Penz), who’s played a major part in nearly every aspect of the music industry. Honestly…the man is single-handedly responsible for twerking.

He DJ’d throughout Philly while attending Temple University, and has produced with (or for) a myriad of artists including Snoop Dogg, Kid Cudi, Brittney Spears, Justin Bieber, Shakira, Robyn, M.I.A, No Doubt, and Die Antwoord. Some fans may show disdain for his work with pop stars, but Diplo has never left his roots as a true DJ and creative mastermind. 

He founded Mad Decent, a Philly-based record label that now transcends musical genres with a stunning array of DJs, producers, vocalists, and instrumentalists.  Snoop Dogg’s acclaimed documentary “Reincarnation” shows Diplo as a friend and respected producer of Snoop and many others, and the Reincarnation album was mainly produced by Diplo. 

Mad Decent Block Party is an international concert series featuring talent from the impressive record label, as well as a few outside acts who are hand selected to take the party to the next level. The bill changes by location, but this year features the likes of Zed’s Dead, Dillon Francis, Action Bronson, Flume, Big Gigantic, DJ Snake, and Diplo (with his side project Major Lazer), all for the price of an average concert ticket. 

Nearly every EDM festival in the world hopes to secure a spot for Diplo on their lineup, and if he is playing near you it’s absolutely worth your time to see what this man is all about. His sets include a wide array of genres and are sure to get the crowd going wild. 

–Andrew Cordivari